Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)
2024 Guide

According to the report of OAG, it showed the 20th busiest airport based on seat capacity. Happily, Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is ranked on top. Atlanta has been tagged with record-breaking traffic and is the busiest airport in Georgia. This airport is not only extensive in size and capacity but also is like a small version of the city having different cultures and influences. It’s quite interesting to study the complete guide to Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Are you curious to know the particulars of Atlanta Airport? Let’s stay with us to know the behind story of this airport and know the facts that make this iconic Atlanta airport a crowd-puller.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) – 2024 Guide

Historical background: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

The early years of this airport were in 1924 when it was established as a candlefield created by Asa Candler, the owner of the Coca-Cola company. At that time it was used as an airfield for Atlanta. After that, for several years it went under renovations and many changes occurred during that time. Same as the name of the airport has been changed from municipal Atlanta to Atlanta Airport. Finally, in 2003 it was renamed Hartsfield Atlanta Jackson International Airport, honoring Mayor Maynard Jackson.

Atlanta Airport got top ranking status due to its exceptional air transportation infrastructure and worthy strategic location, which is responsible for its unlimited growth in the aviation industry.

All over its background, you will find non-stop technological advancements in air travel. It was the first airport that introduced an automated baggage handling system, and bio-metric screening in airports to improve passenger experiences. Now it is considered to be the busiest airport as it is the leading gateway to the southeastern United States and handles millions of passengers and flights.

Terminals at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport are spacious and Active

Hartfield Atlanta Jackson International Airport is stretched into two extended terminals providing various kinds of facilities for their passengers. There is a detailed view of the terminals and their facilities.

Domestic terminals

The domestic terminal is situated on the western side of the airport and is further distributed into two sections. The first one is called the North Terminal, which caters to domestic flights, ticketing, baggage claim areas, and check-in options for international flights. The other one is called the South Terminal, which looks after ticketing, and check-in for flights linked to Delta Airlines. Both sections are connected through an atrium, which has a wide area and has multiple amenities for its passengers.

International terminals

The international terminal is named Maynard H. Jackson Jr. It serves both international and some domestic flights. The international terminal has a separate concourse for departing and arriving passengers. It’s full of amenities for the convenience of passengers like customs and immigration facilities, duty-free shops, restaurants, and lounges.

Wanna de-stress your mind between flights? Take a look at their lounges

It Is situated in concourses A, B, C, D, and T. It offers a wide range of amenities like free Wi-Fi, comfortable seating, workstations, snacks, drinks, and beverages. On particular flights you can get a meeting room, a shower, and premium dining options.

The Sky Club

It is situated at gate number 16 and between the courses F and D and has an extensive area. It serves good food and other facilities like workstations and small rooms are free for a small amount. In the F concourse, you are allowed to sit outside on a sofa and observe airplane activities from the outside observation deck.

The United Club Lounge

In concourse T, it has the same amenities as others with a particular one which is printers and copiers service. For business people, this service is really important. Corporate people easily make copies of their documents and boarding passes. Flight information is placed in the lounge for getting updates related to airlines.

American Airlines Admirals Club

It has a small lounge that often gets crowded with passengers. Drinks and snacks are free there with the purchase of a hot meal. Customer care and service is good there. They provide every detail about flight arrivals and booking new flights.

It is the separate place where you can stay at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport for flight arrival or after departure. It may feel awkward and stressful to wait for flights or another exit. For your ease and relaxing your mind, lounges are there to give you space having numerous ultra facilities. Between terminals there are some kinds of lounges with multiple amenities.

Feel the Luxury – Shopping facilities at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

It’s never less than you’re in a big shopping mall. Everyone has time to shop and add more to their cart. Shopping is compulsory, but surprisingly when you have options like the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport shopping zone, you can’t get bored. Atlanta airport is loaded with your favorite and popular brands allowing you to buy authentic and branded things. Each concourse has something special and unique to show you.

Terminals at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport are spacious and Active

Concourse T

It’s common to buy personal care items at the airport. This airport serves you different brands that you can buy according to your choices. There is Atlanta News and Gifts, Shelli’s News for reading material, Techshowcase for technology gadgets, fresh aroma shops, and many more.

Concourse A

You can’t find men’s fashion shops at any airport but Alt provides you exclusive variety of men’s collections at different stores at Atlanta airport. There is Bulgari, Ermengarde Zegna, Salvatore Ferragamo. If you are a gadget lover or buying something new you must visit Express or In Motion Entertainment.

Concourse B

There is no place where you can’t take care of your skin. This place is totally for girls providing you with exceptional skin care products for young-looking skin. Estee Lauder makeup is there to surprise you! This lounge is considered the skincare department. Along with it has some men’s wear stores like Sean John, P Diddy’s clothing store is waving at you.

Concourse C

If you are an introvert and want to read something, you should come to Concourse C to buy some good stuff for reading on flights. Buckhead’s books and midtown magazines are waiting for you to explore.

Concourse D

You will discover all the tech-savvy gadgets there to enhance your travel experience. Brookstone, Best Buy Express, tech on the go all the big brands are there with extraordinary quality products to give you convenience.

Concourse E

If you are waiting for your luck, let’s try your luck at Georgia Lottery where you can discover different tickets, games, and much fun, all you can avail of while waiting for your flight. In this concourse, you can find other shops to buy gadgets and travel stuff.

Concourse F

This gives you iconic looks and new fashion trends. Now you can explore new trendy outfits for your business meeting, buy trendy and stylish sunglasses, you can purchase classical pens for giving a special present to anyone. Modern and ultra-fashionable accessories are there smiling at you and saying take me out.

Dining options at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport

Atlanta airport offers many various cuisines with different styles, to suit every taste and choice.

Dining options at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport


They are providing colorful cuisine so everyone can enjoy whatever they want.

One flew south: it is best and well-known for its exclusive dining service along with having a specialty in serving pure South cuisine.

P.F Chang’s: it is prominently known for its ultra-modern settings and arrangement and overall it serves tasty Chinese cuisine.

The Varsity: To fulfill your ultimate hunger with hot dogs, burgers, and onion rings you must come to this place where you are served American cuisine with a great ambiance.

Varasano’s Pizzeria: Cheese lovers are welcome here and are served scrumptious Neapolitan pizzas with original ingredients.

Casual chains

ATL is like a hub for fast-casual chains. Various fast chains have a setup and provide their services quickly for the ease of passengers. There are Chick-fil-A, subway, Panda Express, and Willy’s Mexicana Grill are on the list. Where they are giving sandwiches, fried rice, fried chicken, and nuggets, these ready-made options are best for short intervals between flights.


These types of choices are for those who are in a hurry, they don’t have time to sit and eat properly. In this situation and grab and go option allows you to, within a limited time you can buy quickly and chase your flight like in Freshens, Einstein’s bros bagels, Dunkin’s, Nature’s Table, in these points you can get yummy ready-made smoothies, wraps, doughnuts, breakfast, coffee and salad.

Coffee shops & café

After traveling everyone needs to refresh their minds with a hot cup of coffee or any drink which can reopen their minds. ATL provides you with different spots where you can sit properly and enjoy your drink which includes Starbucks, Jamba juice, and Caribou coffee.

Bars & lounges

Some travelers need to relax in bars and lounges to tranquilize their minds, so for this reason, they have lounges and bars. Where they can enjoy beer, coffee, and light bites. In this setting options include Atlanta Brave All-Star Grill, Terrapin Tap House, and the club at ATL. All these dining options are available 24/7 for your convenience.

Security measures at ATL International Aiport

This vast iconic hub has strict and reliable security controls that are safe and trustworthy for every passenger. Their security measures include

Clear: This is called the bio-matric security program that bypasses the standard security line by using fingerprint screening and iris screening to double-check the passengers. Verified members can proceed to the physical screening process.

Security screening: All passengers must go through security screening as long as their items before taking any flights. This whole process involves going through checkpoints, where carry-on items are placed. With the help of x-ray machines and mental detectors, authorities check passengers and their items.

TSA pre-check security: In this process, you have to sign up at the airport to enroll in TSA pre-check. After expedited screening, you are allowed to wear shoes and keep items if you are traveling from Hartsfield Atlanta Jackson International Airport.

Other facilities at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)

Baby care room: ATL offers baby care room services for mothers and babies to allow them to take care of their babies. In different places different baby care corners and rooms are available.

Art programs: ATL organizes some art programs like showing sculptures, and exhibitions and music concerts to entertain art lovers and make the environment youthful and celebratory.

Smoking areas: There is a facility of smoking area where you can enjoy your smoking. In different concourses, there are various areas specifically used for smoking.

Travelers’ Aid: Having an extensive land and numberless functioning process often leads to creating confusion for travelers. To cope with this issue we have a team, who can resolve mishaps and confusion for travelers.

Transport to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Transport to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

There are various modes offered for passengers’ convenience. You can pick any one according to your preferences.

By Luxury Black Car:

It’s one of the easiest and most affordable options to choose from. Once you land at the airport, there is a car rental center just a few steps away from the terminal. Easily you can hire any car from Budget, Advantage, Dollar, E-Z, Avis, National, etc. These are well-known agencies for car rental services at Atlanta Airport.

By bus:

At Atlanta airport, there is a single bus MARTA 191 which has some routes and scrolls at their own timings: 5:am and 1:am on weekdays, and 12:30 am on weekends and holidays.

By train:

MATRA transport rail service gives you the facility to move between terminals at the airport. It carries passengers from both domestic and international terminals. It has a fixed route and timely moves at that specific time. It functions between 1:am and 5:am.

By hotel shuttle:

Many hotels are along with the airport, so some of them offer free shuttle service to pick up and drop passengers from Atlanta airport or hotels.

Hotel service at Atlanta Airport

Surprisingly, there isn’t any hotel at the airport but there are a variety of five-star and nominal hotels in the surrounding area of Atlanta airport. Whether you need to take an early morning flight, or you want to organize business meetings, hotels are perfect to stay in and never compromise on your plans or goals. There are numerous options like The Georgian Terrace Hotel, Holiday Inn & Suites (Atlanta Airport North), Country Inn & Suites by Radisson (Atlanta Airport North), La Quinta by Wyndham (Atlanta Airport North), and Hyatt Place (Atlanta Airport South).

Wrap UP Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport

It has got the stamp of the most engaging airline hub due to its tight security measures, extensive system and infrastructure, and full–fledged amenities. ATL stands out among all others and is well-known for its excellent customer care service which is getting more popularity and technological advancements.