How Much Does It Cost To Tow A Car In Massachusetts?

If you find yourself in a specific location in Boston Manchester with a dead car battery or in a roadside accident with a damaged car, what do you do? You will need a towing car service to transport your car safely. This is a very awkward and not happening situation but still it can happen to anyone, anytime. So it’s better to be aware of handling this situation so you can smartly deal with this issue. Towing service is available from various companies, offered with different policies, costs, and facilities.

In this article, you will find a deeper understanding of the cost of the towing service, factors which affect the cost of towing, and the significance of the towing service.

Towing service in Boston

Significance of Towing service Massachusetts


On top of all, it’s your vehicle and personal safety. Professionals of towing service companies know very well how to relocate your car and you without stress. They have high-tech equipment to move or transport cars.

Available 24/7

Their 24/7 service makes it reliable and approachable for everyone. They have charged a little bit higher for service time but that’s okay because you know your vehicle is in the right hands and at the correct location.

Free from stolen risk

In other options, there is a chance of getting stolen by anyone when you are alone. But if you have a towing team there is less chance of getting stolen or theft.

Storage facilities

Most companies store your car for damage or other purposes. In most accidental cases it happens, but due to the claim of insurance, it needs to be stored at any place for some days. Towing companies allow their clients to avail of this service of storage of their cars.

Cost of the towing service In Boston MA

The cost of the car towing service may depend upon multiple factors like location, vehicle, circumstances, and mileage rate. All companies have a base rate which includes dispatch of your towed car to your desired location. These charges are between 50$ to 150$ for a short distance and for a long distance it will take 225$ to 300$ in Manchester. Other factors can add up to the cost.

These factors are mentioned:

Mileage rate

Towing companies charge their fees per mile. The more miles they tow, the cost will be increased. The rate of per mile is between 2$ and 4$.


Size and weight matter a lot. The more giant or weighty the vehicle, the higher the prices of the towing will get. SUVs and trucks have higher costs compared to normal cars.


Different situations and circumstances can be a reason for high cost, like long-distance location, unwell weather conditions, and damaged vehicle repairing. All these can affect the cost of towing services.

Storage fees

The fees for car storage lie between 20$ and 50$ per day. In certain conditions, you need to store your car for any purpose mostly for insurance allowances.

Towing insurance coverage

Have no idea what it is? When people take insurance on their cars to prevent damages or expenses occurring at the time of the accidental event, some of the insurance companies bear the expense of towing services. However, not all companies have the same policies regarding this towing insurance coverage. Every company has different towing service coverage, and some of them bear only a limited amount. If your towing cost gets far from their limit you will pay an extra amount. It is better to check about towing insurance coverage before making any decision and check their policies too.

After Accident towing Insurance

Accidental situations are different. Towing insurance in boston Massachusetts will pay your towing bill as per the policy. Whether it’s a full amount or limited, the paperwork will be decided. It depends on what your insurance policy says. On the other side, some towing companies do not charge for upfront towing, if you pay it will be subtracted from your repair bill. Some body shops towing cars from accident spots do not charge at the time, after that they add all the amounts to the repair bill together.

Tips for finding reliable and worthy towing service in Boston Massachusetts

Before making any decision or choosing something, gather complete info about it through proper research work. Check the company portfolio and feedback from the customers to check authenticity.

Always compare companies’ prices with facilities with have a deep understanding of policies. Everything will be matched. Choose wisely, and select an affordable one with no compromise on quality.

Planning is everything. Without planning you can face many obstacles. Emergencies can occur at any time, so be ready for them. Always keep in contact with towing companies, and save their numbers for emergency.

Follow these tips and you can find the best towing service and avail benefits from them with safety.